Christianity and the Brain
Volume II: Illness Journey between Earth and Heaven
By Ramsis Ghaly

In volume two of a three-book series, author Ramsis F. Ghaly, MD, continues his study of Christianity and the human brain. Christianity and the Brain, Volume II: The Christian Brain and the Journey between Earth and Heaven focuses on what occurs in the human mind under various conditions while passing through the earthly journey.

A Coptic Orthodox Christian and American board-certified neurosurgeon, anesthesiologist, and pain specialist, Ghaly centers his medical specialties on faith and medicine to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Ghaly believes the brain is the seed of the person on earth that will grow to be his or her eternal tree in heaven. The road to spiritual victory begins when man's brain is equipped to face illnesses and tribulation. If this is accomplished, then man is prepared to complete the first earthly journey leading to the second journey of eternal life.

By learning about both journeys, the purpose of the earthly voyage will be clear, and the spiritual voyage will be conceivable. Ghaly encourages you to consider what lies beyond the events of daily life, broaden your vision, and eagerly anticipate your spiritual future!

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