A neurosurgeon is a surgeon for the brain, spine and peripheral nerves.
dr. ramsis f. ghalyDr. Ramsis F. Ghaly is a Neurosurgeon and Visionary for Ideal Neuroscience Center who is uniquely specialized in general neurosurgery with the latest neurosurgical techniques. He also specializes in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Management. He strives to provide the best care to his patients based on his long training history in variety of the medical fields including neurosurgery, critical care, and anesthesiology.

Dr. Ghaly believes in patient empowered care centered in comprehensive and holistic care approach to each individual patient. He is active in research and developed the first primate model for motor evoked potential via transcranial magentic stimulation. Dr Ghaly was recently featured in two national Newspapers. Click here for the articles. Dr. Ghaly is currently the Head of Ghaly Neurosurgical Associates. Dr. Ghaly has lectured and published widely.

Download Dr. Ghaly's practice brochure: Ghaly Brochure in PDF Format