Christianity and the Brain
Volume III: The Christian Brain and the Last Hour Journey
By Ramsis Ghaly

What happens in our brains and minds at the last hour of life? What occurs during the moment of separation between the human body and the unseen individual soul and spirit? In the third volume of the three-book series on Christianity and the human brain, author Ramsis F. Ghaly, MD, focuses on the brain and its final journey during the last moments of life.

Every human soul will see death one day. But few of us know what occurs during the transitional time when the physical brain surrenders and the spiritual brain takes over. We also do not know what the human mind will see and interact with as it approaches the final moments of departure. A Coptic Orthodox Christian and American board-certified neurosurgeon, anesthesiologist, and pain specialist, Ghaly sheds light on this intriguing phenomenon. Drawing on his interaction with thousands of individuals who have entered this last hour of life, Ghaly offers examples and a realistic portrait of a human being's final moments.

Christianity and the Brain, Volume III: The Christian Brain and the Journey to the Last Hour blends neuroscience and medical knowledge with the Bible of our loving Lord.

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