Christianity and the Brain
Volume IV: Patients Stories
By Ramsis Ghaly

Dr. Ramsis Ghaly is a Christian, a physician, a surgeon, and a humanitarian. This is the fourth book by Dr. Ghaly, bringing his philosophy on patient care and the medical profession to patients, their families, and healthcare providers.

This book honors his patients. It includes their stories, told by them in interviews. The book represents the voice of the patients, written for fellow patients, to give them faith, hope and courage as they face their own illness journey.

It is Dr. Ghaly’s hope that you will be better prepared to embark on an illness journey with the words for his book. As you embark upon the illness journey, it is important for the patient and his family to seek quality care, asking questions and demanding only compassionate and professional healthcare from all involved. Dr. Ghaly hopes this book will provide insight into the illness journey, comfort for the difficult times, hope for the future, and faith that with God’s help, all will be right.

Here are the stories of 100 of his patients. They include many who have gone on to live healthy lives, as well as some who have passed on. Dr. Ghaly has included his comments on most of the cases, and on the medical conditions they faced.

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