Spinal Surgery For Darryl Kronsted


Never have done this before, but I need to post a "shout out" to a neurosurgeon based in Aurora and operates out of CDH, Winfield. Dr. Ramsis Ghaly is fantastic. After a decade of physcians, surgeons (and surgery), pain clinics, chiropractors, accupuncture, pain killers, etc., Dr. Ghaly took charge, correctly read my... MRIs (some a decade old), correctly diagnosed my condition(s) (numerous other surgeons failed to do so), took every possible precautionary step possible, and completed a 14.5 hour surgery on my spine this past November 22nd. While full recovery will take 18 months, I am already no longer using a walker, I have begun Physical Therapy, and am gaining strength each day and my pain is well under control without narcotic pain killers. In addition, Dr. Ghaly identified two cervical vertebrae which need attention but will be addressed via physical therapy rather than surgery. I encourage anyone who has spent years suffering with back/neurological pain to contact me for his information. Dr. Ghaly is truly a gift, and a marvelous surgeon with God-given abilities. Thanks, Dr. Ghaly! I owe you so much!