Surgery For Hydrocephallus

A 70 years old male presented with pressure build up in the brain that caused him poor memory, confusion, difficulty walking and inability to control urine. His condition gradually deteriorated. He was active and sharp man to the end. He was sitting in the board in multiple foundations and did well to people. His condition was misdiagnosed and overlooked for while. He was told depressed and suffering from irreversible stroke and dementia. In fact, he was placed under Hospice care to terminate his life and do not resuscitate order after going through cholycystectomy where gall bladder was removed and he suffered from pancreatitis after the surgery. The wife and daughter never give up despite high pressure and insurance and hospital commands. Work up for normal pressure hydrocephalus” was carried through. Other conditions were ruled out. In 2008, he underwent, a simple shunt placement where the fluid under electronic monitoring device drain fluid to maintain normal pressure and avoid pressure in the brain. He required a year of physical therapy with determination from the family to do what takes and not to give up. In 2010, he is back normal, active and has a new lease on life.

Tom O.was referred to Dr. Ghaly in January, 2008. For some time he had had problems with his balance, often falling. “I went through several doctors, but no one could diagnose what my problem was, until Dr. Ghaly,” Tom says. “Doctors had run all kinds of tests, but Dr. Ghaly saved my life.”

Dr. Ghaly found Tom had hydrocephalus, a condition where the ventricles of the brain do not drain, causing a build up of fluid on the brain. Playing football in high school and college and participating in boxing as well probably caused Tom’s condition. “I guess I had too many hits to the head,” Tom says. “After Dr Ghaly did surgery and put in a shunt to relieve the fluid I really don’t remember too much. For five months I was in several nursing homes, and finally, in May, I began to come around. I came home the first of July and today there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I see a future. I didn’t see that before.”

Tom got his speech back but had some trouble with motor skills. That is getting better through lots of physical therapy, which he still does today. “I’m doing well now, getting stronger all the time,” he says.

Therapy has helped Tom recover most of his motor skills. “I’d tell anyone to go directly to Dr. Ghaly,’ Tom said. “Have him examine you and run tests and the patient will be in excellent hands. Do everything he tells you to do, and have faith in a great doctor.”