Surgery For Peripheral Nerves Including Carpal And Ulnar Tunnel Syndromes Of The Arms

For so many years, he complained of shoulder pain and pain going to the side of the neck. It was so horrible that when he had heart surgery, the cut through his chest can not be compared with the pain in the shoulder. He spent wealth of money to find the cause. He had several shoulder surgeries with no relief. He was sent to a neurosurgeon for a wrong diagnosis which to consider the cervical disc as a cause of his pain and to perform surgery in his cervical spine. It took but a minute to examine the patient’s shoulder to find that there is a local tumor under the skin that perhaps is causing all his symptoms. Just touching an area under the skin was able to elicit his entire pain. A 15 minute surgery under local sedation and a local skin nervous tumor was found and removed. Patient immediately felt a relief that was everlasting. The tumor was benign and called “ganglioma”

Wilfred S. suffered for a long time with pain in his shoulder. He has extensive knowledge of the medical community, having had a triple heart bypass in 1995, surgery for prostate cancer and colon cancer, as well as several surgeries on his shoulder, though they did not offer him much relief from the pain.

“If you have pain, you need Dr. Ghaly,” Wilfred says. “He actually listens. So many doctors say it’s all in your head. I had had pain in my shoulder for 20 years. I had tow orthopedic surgeons operate on it: once arthroscopically, and once with traditional open surgery. The pain kept coming back.”

Finally Wilfred’s family physician referred him to a neurologist and he met with Dr. Ghaly. “When I discussed it with Dr. Ghaly, he was so thorough. He ran lots of tests and after reviewing them he said he would operate through the old scar and also would have an orthopedic surgeon in the operating room in case he needed their expertise.”

When Dr. Ghaly did the surgery he found a type of tumor found at the nerve endings and causing lots of pain. “I went home the same day, and from that time on the pain was gone!” Wilfred says. “Then I was amazed when Dr. Ghaly himself called me that evening to see how I was doing. In fact, Dr. Ghaly kept checking up on me at regular intervals.”

Some time later Wilfred says he got a call from a woman on the East Coast. She told him she suffered from a similar complaint and had met a doctor who was in school with Dr. Ghaly. He suggested she come to Illinois to see him. She said the pain was so bad she had almost gotten to the point of considering suicide. She came to Illinois and Dr. Ghaly did the surgery, also curing her long-term pain. “She said it’s just a miracle, and I agreed with her,” Wilfred said. “I remember having pain so great that I could not tolerate even the lightest touch on my shoulder.”

Wilfred is 80 years old now and out shoveling snow with his wife. “You know with modern medicine they keep a lot of people alive and going now,” he says. “I’m glad I finally found the right doctor and the right procedure. Dr. Ghaly even sent me a plant at home, and when my daughter and her husband died he sent a card. He’s a very caring person.”